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Academics4Nation is an initiative to engage in scholarly activities with an Indo-centric perspective. 

We aim to create a dynamic, productive and pragmatic intellectual landscape in the tradition of best academic standards and practices.

An increasing need has been felt in recent years for research, deliberation and robust discussion on subjects of national importance. Through this initiative we hope to rise to the challenge and create a vibrant discourse. Our aim is to create a nurturing ecosystem and encourage academic inquiry in Indic context.  

Do you feel that ignorance has come over
the land as a dark cloud? Does it make you restless?

Does it make you sleepless? 

- Swami Vivekanand

Mission & Vision

To create a vibrant academic discourse that engenders Indo-centric ideas, approaches, and points of view. An Indic academic eco-system that carries forward India's rich tradition of learning and knowledge.

Our Mission

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